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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Holidays from the Holmans!

This was out Christmas card this year! Sorry if we missed you- next year I will order more!

Card from Tiny Prints... it turned out great- and they were REALLY easy to work with!

Merry Christmas- Waco Style

Our next stop took us to Waco to visit Blake's parents, Bonnie, Burson and Blair and of course- our precious nephews, Cooper and Mason! The boys are growing up so much and Cooper was especially fun this Christmas, since he knew all about Santa and presents and the whole Christmas spirit. Again, we spent the weekend eating lots of good food, opening some really fun gifts and enjoying good ole family time! Blake and I were even able to visit my favorite store in Waco: Spice AND made a trip to George's!

The Whole Gang

Cooper playing with the soccer goal we got him for Christmas

Burson and Blair and the boys

Cooper and I being Santa's elves

Uncle Blake and Cooper being silly

"What dis?" - a common phrase this year

Uncle Blake and Mason

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas Texas-Style

We made the 12 hour drive to Texas on Dec. 23 to celebrate the holidays with both of our families. We started in DFW at the Parker's lakehouse for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We all had a great time and it seems Santa was very good to all of us. We enjoyed LOTS and LOTS of yummy food, played the trivia game, Buzz (a new game for PS3), went to see Marley and Me (everyone left the theater crying), ate some more food, and opened lots of fun gifts!

This was the beautiful view in our neighborhood as we pulled out for the road trip- what a great sunset!

The guys enjoying the warm weather and cold drinks out by the lake

Dad got my cousins (Jackson and Colton) new rifles

Aunt Toni and Uncle Doug (with camo Frosty in the background)

Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad!

The Holmans

The Fitzhughs

Jen LOVES her mini Chi hairdryer

Amy opening some fun jewelry from Ann Taylor

The day after Christmas we headed to Waco for Christmas with the Holmans...

Blake and Heather's Christmas Celebration!

This year Blake and I decided to forego Christmas gifts for each other and instead, we enjoyed a romantic weekend getaway at the Ritz Carlton at Reynolds Plantation. Reynolds Plantation is on Lake Oconee in East Georgia. This was our last romantic getaway in Georgia before we move back to Texas, so we really lived it up and enjoyed every minute of it.

We arrived early Saturday afternoon (Dec 20) and had a FABULOUS couples massage at the Ritz spa! It was so nice and relaxing, I actually fell asleep in the middle of it :) I never fall asleep during a massage, so you can imagine it must have been pretty stinkin' relaxing. Then we had a romantic dinner at the Georgian Bistro and walked around the hotel grounds. The entire resort was decorated for the holidays, including massive Christmas trees, a life-size REAL gingerbread house (that smelled SO yummy!) and s'mores at the outdoor firepit. Not only that, but EVERY single tree on the resort had Christmas lights on it!! This place has thousands of trees, so it was very impressive! My pictures don't do it justice, so check out their website as well.

Dinner in front of the fireplace

The life-size Gingerbread House

The front of the resort with all the lights.... a little blurry

This was the perfect Christmas present and we came back home refreshed and relaxed, just in time to make the 12 hour drive to Texas for the holidays!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back to God's Country!!!

YES!!! WE ARE MOVING BACK TO TEXAS!!! We are so absolutely excited to be coming home and getting back to what we like to refer to as God's Country!!! For those of you who don't know, I moved away from Texas in 2004, right after I graduated from Baylor. I started working for a pharmaceutical company 2 weeks after graduation and they moved me around the country for a little over a year in a "training program" - from Detroit, to Dallas, to Los Angeles. I finally ended up in Atlanta as a permanent location in August 2005. I have been with the same company ever since and have LOVED working for them. It has been very rewarding, fun and stressful all at the same time. Blake moved out to Atlanta in March 2005 to fulfill his dream of living in the Southeast. He has been working for the same insurance company for the past 3 1/2 years.

After missing home and family and friends a lot in the past six months, an opportunity became available for me to stay with the same company I have been working for and transfer to the Dallas market. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up! So after lots of praying, talking, negotiating, and decision-making, the whole thing was finalized and I signed the contract to move us back to Dallas! Blake has been so supportive through this whole process and so graciously stepping down from his job, to explore something new and different in Dallas.

We are so sad to leave some of the best friends we've ever had, here in Georgia! We have had some amazing adventures in the past 4 and half years. We've spent many evenings and dinners with the Camps, several trip to Athens to see the good ole UGA Bulldogs play some serious SEC football, wine tastings, new restaurants, a weekend in the mountains and so much more! They have been great great friends to us. We also are very very sad to leave some of our favorite Baylor alums here as well, the Holloways! We too have shared many days and nights enjoying this beautiful family. Everything from Ellie's birthday party, to concerts, lots and lots of shopping with Cara, homemade margaritas and cookouts! We will miss you dearly, but will come back often to visit and you are ALWAYS welcome in Big D anytime!

For now, we would really appreciate prayers for our upcoming adventure. We are putting our beautiful first home together on the market in January and are really praying that it will sell quickly. We are also praying that Blake will find the perfect job that will challenge him and reward him. We know God has everything in control and we are at completely peace with whatever might happen.

This will all take place very, very quickly... I start my new position on January 5th!!! Which means we will be moving over the Christmas holidays. We are also praying that we can get everything done in the next 2 weeks!! We are trying to do all our Christmas shopping, get the house ready to list, pack and tie up all the loose ends of our current jobs before Dec 23!! Not to mention, spend as much time as possible with our dear friends out here! Please keep us in mind the next couple of weeks and keep us in your prayers! We would greatly appreciate it and are VERY VERY excited to be coming home!!! Love you all!!

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Well, it has been several weeks since I have posted anything, and to be honest, it is NOT due to a lack of things going on. We have actually been swamped with everything going on in life right now... another post all in itself.

The week of Thanksgiving was so much fun! We started Wednesday afternoon, making our way to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport...not nearly as crowded as we expected. Looks like the economy IS taking toll on the airline industry. We arrived in DFW later that evening, had a great dinner with Burson, Blair and our precious nephews! Then off to Henrietta to see Meme and Gramps! We spent the next couple of days eating, eating and more eating; lots of visiting, movies, and good quality family time. Then it was back to Dallas to see Cooper and Mason again and off the Parkers for Thanksgiving #2! This time it was filled with eating, eating, football, movies, football, and lots of catching up with all my sisters and Mom and Dad! Then, back to the airport and life in Atlanta started all over again. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but always lots of fun. Unfortunately, we were so relaxed and busy at the same time, I did not get ANY pictures!! Well, I will take double the amount at Christmas.

This past weekend, we made the quick drive out to Aiken, SC to visit Blake's aunt and uncle, cousin and their kiddos. It was great! We relaxed some more, ate some more and spent a lot of time playing with the girls. Miranda (Blake's cousin) has 2 precious daughters, Haley, 3 and Reese, 18 months... and is expecting another one in May. Haley and I spent most of the time coloring in her Minnie Mouse coloring book, playing hide-and-go-seek, and shopping in the "fake store." We also went to a horse farm to feed the horses and went to the Christmas performance at Aunt Vickie and Uncle Ron's church. It is so refreshing to be around family and we really feel so close to all of them. Thanks for having us, Vic and Ron! It was such a great weekend.

Now that December is here, I can hardly believe it! It definitely came quick this year! I am not prepared at all!!! For now, enjoy the pics of Haley and Reese and our weekend in Aiken!

Blake and I with the girls after church- they are in the most adorable Christmas dresses

Haley posing for the camera

Blake and Reese playing