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Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Parties Round #1

This past weekend, Blake and I attended 3 FABULOUS Christmas parties! It was a whirlwind, but we had a blast! I LOVE to get all dressed up and go this was the perfect weekend :)

Friday night started at my boss' house. The Armstrongs have a gorgeous home and opened it up to all of the reps in our district to celebrate a fantastic year! My boss, Lisa made peppermint martinis...yum yum! I definitely need to learn to make those! and we had some really great food and great fun!

Dru (OKC rep), Lisa (fabulous boss), Rachel (FW rep), me (Dallas rep)
Michelle (Dallas rep), Jessica (Houston rep)

And with spouses....poor Greg (Lisa's hubs) was taking all the pics

After we left the Armstrongs in Keller...we made our way over to Lake Highlands for the annual Gittemeier Christmas Party! Now these people really know how to throw a party! Tons and tons of our friends, beautiful decor, hilarious conversations and yummy drinks and food! Thanks for a great night!! I think we rolled into bed around 2:30-3:00!!!

Here is the beautiful hostess, Tricia

After some much needed sleep, we got ready for the Galderma Casino Night! I really think my company throws one of the BEST Holiday parties, ever! This year it was at the Omni in downtown Fort Worth. There are AMAZING door prizes (we are talking trips, flat screen TVs, etc), blackjack tables, craps tables, loads and loads of food, a photo booth, and one of the best cover bands ever! They go all out and we had a great time!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

WOW! We have a seriously busy December... as do most of you...but just thought I would share our schedule :)

1- Decorate for Christmas
3- Birthday Dinner for Tara @ Fernando's
4- Armstrong Christmas Party (6:30)/Gittemeier Christmas Party (8:00)/Melissa's Bday
5- Stratton Baby Shower/ Galderma Company Holiday Party
7- Christmas shopping
8- Baylor Women's Council Holiday Party
9 - Girls Dinner/Noelle's Bday Dinner @ La Duni
10- Business dinner @ Fearing's
11- Christmas date night with hubby
12- Burdett Tacky Christmas Party
13- White Rock Half Marathon
16- Girls Night Out to Patrizio's AND The Rockettes - SO EXCITED!
17- Business dinner @ 560
18- Jen and Amy's Graduation Dinner
19- Jen and Amy's Graduation/Tami's Christmas Party and Ornament Exchange
20 - Christmas in Henrietta with Blake's family
23-25 - Christmas at the lakehouse with the Parkers
25-27 - Christmas in Waco with the Holmans
31 - New Years Eve Party at our House!

WOW - I'm exhausted just looking at that....but it was good to write it out and see it on paper. These are ALL super fun things and I am so excited for this time of year! I love being busy and am so thankful to have so many friends and events to attend. Hope you all are having a fabulous first day of December.

I FINALLY updated the blog - check out the 2 new posts below

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a fantastic Turkey Day with the Parkers this year! Thanksgiving might just be my favorite holiday. Its so great to just relax, eat yummy food, visit with family, and watch football! So much fun! I love that we get to celebrate at my parents beautiful lake house. It is so calming and quiet out there. We watched the Cowboys victory, enjoyed the beautiful weather and went to see the Blind Side- if you haven't seen it..go now!!! It is an amazing movie!

Melissa and Ryan with their little munchkin on the way - I can't wait to be an aunt (again) in April!

My sweet grandparents taking a walk after the BIG meal

Wish I gotten a pic of the whole family - we were just too busy enjoying each other to stop and take a group pic.

A visit to the Wine Country

Back in October, Blake and I were invited to join some friends in Napa for a few days of relaxation and vino. Of course we accepted immediately and had the most wonderful trip! Our good friends from Atlanta, Matt and Paige, set up the entire trip. They had all of the reservations made, dinners set up, a limo for the week, etc! We literally just showed up and enjoyed ourselves! We adore the wine country and we adore the Camps - so it was just a perfect trip!

Enjoy the pics!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Baylor Homecoming 2009!

Hendersons' Homecoming Party - Fri Night

Cheering for the Deltas 1st place act at Pigskin with Bonnie and Amy - Fri

Loved the brisk morning at the parade - Sat

Some of our FAVORITE Atlanta/Baylor friends- Cara and Ellie (baby #2 in utero...and Matt couldn't make it)

Loved having so many of my family member there...even if some of them are OSU fans :)

And finished it off with smores at the Puryears!

Ahhh...Baylor Homecoming! One of my favorite fall holidays! It doesn't get much better than seeing old friends, drinking coffee while you watch the parade floats roll by, an overflowing tailgating crowd, the Delta move at Pigskin and going to George's twice in one weekend! I heart BU Homecoming and can't wait for next year!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Heart Football!

If you know me at all, you know I really love football. I crave ESPN Game Day, love "ballgame food", tailgating and all the hype around Saturdays in the fall!

Our first year back in Texas, Blake and I knew we had to get season tickets to Baylor football. There was a lot of hype around our QB - RG3, who was supposed to be amazing- but unfortunately he injured his ACL in the home opener...bummer! Oh well, we are still loving Baylor football and so glad Baylor decided to embrace the whole tailgating scene. It has made Saturdays even more fun! So far, we are's to 3 more wins and making a bowl game this year :)

Sic 'Em - home opener

Tailgating before BU vs UConn

Tailgating with my sis before BU vs NW State

And if you didn't know, my parents and grandparents are HUGE OU fans! They have had season tickets since I was a baby. So naturally, this past weekend we all made the trip to Norman to watch the Bears fight the Sooners.
Most of the fam at the Sooner Club Tailgate

Blake and I sporting our green and gold in the middle of a crimson sea...

Friday, October 9, 2009

London Times

Last week I was so excited to be able to travel across the big pond to London to visit my sweet friend Kambry! When Brian and Kambry found out that they were going to be transfered to London for 2 years....I immediately started planning my trip to visit. Unfortunately, Blake wasn't able to make this trip with me...he stayed home and worked to pay for me to go...thanks love :) Don't worry, B and I are already planning another trip together for next year!

So...I got to spend 6 fabulous days with one of my best friends in the world in one of the most fabulous cities in the world!

All through college, Kambry was my running buddy...we probably ran a dozen half marathons together. So naturally, we would run together in London...a good 4 miles around Hyde Park and then a yummy breakfast at the Serpantine
Then a fun walk through Notting Hill...and a gorgeous flower shop

And Buckingham Palace...

The next day we made a day trip to Windsor Castle to see where the Queen lives on the weekends...and of course stopped for tea

A trip to London wouldn't be complete without High Tea (at the Worseley) and a show (Wicked!)

The next day, we went on one of the most BEAUTIFUL hikes I have ever been on.... through the Cotswolds. We literally hiked from village to village. A total of 10 gorgeous miles on the English countryside :)

(a stop at the Horse and Groom pub for some refueling)

And on the last day, we strolled through London to see the sights...

I loved every minute of my time in London and can't wait to go back! Thanks for being such amazing hosts, Brian and Kambry!