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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baseball in Style

Now if you are going to go to a Rangers game in July in Texas....this is the way to do it. My company has a suite at the Ballpark in Arlington and had some extra tickets Monday night... so I called up the family and we made a night of it. They were playing the Red Sox and it was a great game! Several homeruns, beautiful evening, great company. Thanks Galderma! I wouldn't mind using the suite a few more times before the season is over. Colton was even in town and got in on the action!

PS- check out the other 2 posts below...I am finally caught up!

I Heart Summer!

Last weekend Blake and I were invited to a getaway weekend at the Booker's home. Ben Booker is my little sis' super fun boyfriend and we love hanging out with them. So when they invited us to come hang out at his parents vacation-style home....we happily accepted. We spent the entire weekend laying out at their pool and hot tub. You seriously feel like you are on vacation at their house... constantly flowing margarita machine, tiki hut, yummy food, serious relaxation etc. We had a blast!

Sunday we hit up the Brazos River for some boating action and more wakeboarding courtesy of Jimmy "The Rock"

July Overview all honesty, I misplaced the USB cord that connects my camera to our laptop! AHHHH!!! Never fear- I found it! So instead of writing 6 different posts, I thought I would just do an overview of the past several weeks. So prepare yourself for a little bit longer of a post :)

First of all, several weeks ago, Blake and I went to the Eric Clapton/Steve Winwod concert! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! This is the second time we have seen Clapton - he holds a very special place in our hearts... "our song" and our first dance at our wedding was "Wonderful Tonight"... so we LOVE E.C.!!! And Steve Winwood was just the icing on the cake :)

It was SOOOOO HOT that night!

Good thing the concert was indoors!

Next up....Atlanta! While we were back in the ATL we got to have dinner with our great GREAT friends, The Camps! We absolutely adore them and love every time we get to spend with them! We could talk all night long and yall kept us laughing the entire night! Love yall! Can't wait to see you again in October for a little Napa action :)

Celebrating the 4th! Loads and loads of food, fun, family, friends, fireworks, lake, wakeboarding, etc etc etc.

Breaking out the margarita machine!

My contribution for the weekend

A serious game of badmitton

That's all for that more to come tonight!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9, 2004

On this exact day five years ago, Blake and I went on our "2nd First Date!" Now, I am sure most of you are wondering what a "2nd First Date" is. Well, let me just explain. Our actual first date was back in 2000, when we were young 18 year olds- freshman at Baylor. In fact, we both remember it pretty well- we went to see "Remeber the Titans" :) Well, we had a great time, but nothing really seemed to click at that point. So... we remained really good friends for the next 4 years - running into each other often, talking, lunch dates every once and while...nothing too big.

Flash forward to graduation night, May 2004. Blake was leaving the next morning for Baylor in Cuba. By the time he got back from Cuba - I would be in Michigan on a training assignment for work for the next 4 months. He came over to my apartment LATE LATE that night. We had a long talk - he told me he had feelings for me and he would call me as soon as he got back from Cuba. I half way believed him. But sure enough, the day he got home- he called. We talked off and on for the next several weeks. Remember - Blake was in Texas.... I was in Michigan!

Well, July rolled around and I had made plans to come back to Texas for a weekend to see family and go to Ashley Spitzer/Nathan Kavanaugh's wedding. I told Blake I was coming back and he asked if he could meet me up in Fort Worth and take me on a "REAL" date. I still remember to this day, telling my parents it wasn't a big deal - we were mostly just friends. But little did I know, that that date on July 9, 2004 would change my life. I fell head over heels for Michael Blake Holman! We had the best time in downtown FW - went to Mi Cocina, listened to some live music and went to see Anchorman :) After that night.... the rest was history! We both knew we would do anything to make this long-distance relationship work. And it did. This summer we will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary! God has an amazing plan for our lives. It is so fun to watch it play out!

I don't have a picture from the night of our "2nd First Date"...but here is one from the following winter.

I have some old pics of B and I from summer 2004 - just can't seem to find them right now. I will enlighten you to all of those at another time. I would say 9 is our lucky number though....
"2nd First Date" - 7.9.04
Engagement - 1.19.06
Wedding - 9.9.06