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Monday, October 12, 2009

I Heart Football!

If you know me at all, you know I really love football. I crave ESPN Game Day, love "ballgame food", tailgating and all the hype around Saturdays in the fall!

Our first year back in Texas, Blake and I knew we had to get season tickets to Baylor football. There was a lot of hype around our QB - RG3, who was supposed to be amazing- but unfortunately he injured his ACL in the home opener...bummer! Oh well, we are still loving Baylor football and so glad Baylor decided to embrace the whole tailgating scene. It has made Saturdays even more fun! So far, we are's to 3 more wins and making a bowl game this year :)

Sic 'Em - home opener

Tailgating before BU vs UConn

Tailgating with my sis before BU vs NW State

And if you didn't know, my parents and grandparents are HUGE OU fans! They have had season tickets since I was a baby. So naturally, this past weekend we all made the trip to Norman to watch the Bears fight the Sooners.
Most of the fam at the Sooner Club Tailgate

Blake and I sporting our green and gold in the middle of a crimson sea...


Wynne & Stephen said...

I love that yall love Baylor football - I am right there with you :) I actually saw yall from afar at the home game I've been to this year - Baylor vs Northwestern State. It looked like yall had lost something and were looking for it after the game? Creepy - but I spotted yall, ha. Keep the Baylor spirit alive!

The Holmans said...

haha! the sweet old lady that sits next to us lost a ruby and diamond ring sometime during the we were all helping her look for luck though. she said it was insured for over $20,000!!!! holy cow! hope to see you at homecoming :) we will keep an eye out for you!

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

I love all your fun green at Baylor games! :) Hope to see you next weekend!