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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A White Christmas- Parker Style - 2009

The Christmas of 2009 was definitely one to remember! It all started with a balmy 75 degrees outside on Dec 23...Blake and I headed out to the lakehouse (in our short sleeves) to start the celebrating with the Parker family. Mom and Dad made a delish fajita spread and we all ate outside with the moon reflecting over Lake Lewisville. Then the games and cookie decorating began! We played several rounds of Apple to Apples - Dad's new favorite game - and it was really fun to watch everyone's personalities come out in the game. After that, we started making cookies! We haven't done this all together in several years... we usually all just bring desserts or make cookies ahead of time. It was really fun to start this tradition again, especially since next Christmas we will have a baby to help and the lakehouse will soon become Gigi and Poppa's house :)

Mom and the girls

Blake working extra hard on his gingerbread man

Blake was trying to eat my cookie while I decorated it

Jen and Mel...Rockin' the Bump! Isn't she a cute prego??

The next morning, Christmas Eve, I woke up like a giddy little school girl! It was SNOWING IN TEXAS ON CHRISTMAS (eve)!!! I LOVED it! I am pretty sure the first words out of Melissa mouth was, "I have never seen you in such a good mood this early in the morning, before your coffee!" Ha! I have to say I am a completely different person before and after coffee - but this was snow and snow trumps everything! Not only did it snow, but it snowed ALL DAY LONG! To the point where we opted out of the Christmas Eve service, but enjoyed at day inside...the guys playing cards, the girls cooking and watching movies. We had a fabulous dinner and then opened all the gifts! Everyone was SO generous! Thank you!

A morning snow!

The guys playing (probably cheating at) cards

Mom and Dad's gorgeous tree! and WAY too many gifts!

Blake and Heather Christmas 2009

The whole family

By nightfall, the snow was still coming down

and I had to post this pic....Blake doing ALL the Christmas dishes, with a happy heart! I love him!

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