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Friday, February 13, 2009

Man's Best Friend....

How amazingly cute is the this guy?? Meet Chance!! This is my parents' adorable labradoodle! We have been keeping him the last couple of weeks and he is the BEST dog ever! Blake and I have been talking about getting a dog in the near future and I think Chance might be spoiling us lately. He is the best companion ever... never disturbs anything and always wants to be close to you! He is so much fun and had definitely made us want a dog to add to our family as well! The problem now is determining WHAT kind of dog..... I would love to have a labradoodle; Blake would prefer a golden retriever or lab...hmmm... maybe Chance will help me convince Blake to get a 'doodle!


He McCord said...

I just love that dog! He is so cute! My vote is for one just like him!

The Bass Family said...

So glad I found your blog! love reading about your life... I'm jealous...wish I was back in Texas!