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Friday, February 13, 2009

Mavs Game!!!

For Christmas, my little sis, Amy gave us tickets to a Mavs game to welcome us back to Texas! She also gave some to my older sis, Melissa and her hubby, Ryan... so we all got to go together! It was so much fun.. Mel and I mostly talked the ENTIRE time and the Mavs won! Couldn't have been a better night!...Until some really terrible storms came through TX and OK and by the time the game was over the announcer was telling everyone to stay inside and not leave the building due to high winds and dangerous weather!!! what did we do? We proceeded to LEAVE the building and RUN to the car!!!! IN HEELS!!!! Not easy or fun... but we laughed our way through it and had some interesting pics afterwards :) Haha! All in all, we had a BLAST and all got home safely!! Thanks Amy!

Me and Mel during the game

with the Hubs!

And then after the game!

Mel and Ryan - post run in the rain!

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