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Thursday, June 18, 2009


That's right, ladies and gentlemen.... on June 6, 2009 Blake and I witnessed history!!!! In one unbelievably fabulous event we attended the FIRST event at the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Cowboys Stadium as we watched the KING and QUEEN of country music preform! Yes... I am talking about George Strait and Reba McEntire! Holy Cow (boy)!!!! I am not sure I can even describe this event.... but I will do my best.

Many, many, many months ago, I got a call from by big sis...Melissa. "Hey Heather, would you and Blake like to go to the George Strait concert in June?" "Sure, Mel... sounds great!" Lets just keep in mind that when Mel and I were little bitty, we used to dance all night long with our dad to George. I can VERY VIVIDLY remember either being held by my dad as I wore his cowboy hat and we danced to "Amarillo by Morning" or standing on his shoes as we TRIED to 2-step to "All My Exes Live in Texas." Awwwww.... the memories! I wish I had a scanner with me right now... the pictures would be priceless :) So needless to say, George Strait holds a very special place in my heart! And Reba... oh, Reba... She is just fabulous! I am not even sure how old she is...but she looks like a million bucks!!! Such the entertainer!

So on June 6 - it was very fitting that ALMOST all the Parker girls and our "boys" along with Mom and Dad met up for the event of a lifetime! That's right.... Melissa, Ryan, Heather, Blake, Jennifer, Ben, Tina and Tom all made it together! We desperately missed Amy...she is the smart one of the group...taking the LSAT the very next day!

In true Texas fashion, we tailgated! Ryan whipped out the grill and cooked up some yum-o burgers; we had spinach dip, hummus, cold beer, wine, homemade salsa...what could be better? We hung out (in the 95 degree heat) and admired Jerry World from a distance!

A couple of hours was time for THE event! We made our way to Cowboys Stadium! You MUST see this in person! It really is unbelievable! Jerry really outdid himself! At one point, while walking through the stadium we found ourselves in what looked like a Miami club - I am talking white leather couches, lighted curtains, etc! Jerry might rethink the white couches later on- I would not like to clean those after a Cowboy game :)

LeeAnn Wolmack kicked off the show, followed by Blake Shelton ( I am a new fan of his...cutie), then Reba and George. The concert started at 5:30...and didn't end until 11:30!!! W.O.W! Our seats were a little high up...but I am telling you there is not a bad seat in this entire building! Especially when there is a 70 yard long HD video screen in front of you! HA!

And don't worry that once George came on stage...he was able to get the entire stadium chanting.... "Jerry, open the roof...Jerry, open the roof!!!" So what was Jerry to do - but open the roof.....first time it had ever been opened at the new stadium!

This really was one of the most memorable events of my life and I am so thankful that Mel is so on top of things and got a tickets to this amazing event!!! So fun!

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Princess Kinley said...

hi! u dont know me but i sometimes read ur blog.. from the evans family blog :) we went to see george too & i thought it was amazing! by the looks of it u were sitting by my cousins. they were still a bit higher up tho! love ur pics! im so glad i got to see the king before he retires!