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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some much needed good news!!

Yes! That is correct, we have some REALLY good news on our house in Atlanta!! About 2 weeks ago B and I came to the realization that the housing market in Atlanta is just not getting any better and that we would probably be better off renting the house for a year or two, until the market turns around. So we listed the house to lease and within one week we had 3 offers!!! Holy smokes!

We chose one couple, who made a great offer and they want to move in July 1!!! From what we can tell, they will take good care of our first home. They are an older couple from Miami that is looking to retire in Georgia...but they want to live in the area for a year before they make any final decisions. It is good to know they most likely will not be throwing any raging parties at the house!

Since the family wants to move in 7 days, that means B and I need to book it out to ATL to get the rest of our furniture and make the final move back to TX! So this is my schedule for the next 4 days:

Thursday - full day of work... 6:00- biggest business dinner of the year (with my boss, my boss' boss and 10 of the most high profile dermatologists in Dallas - not to mention the speaker we are flying in from across the country!)
Friday - 5:00 am - leave for the airport... 6:15 am - flight to ATL... land, pick up rental car, go get 26' Penske moving truck... finish packing the little stuff we left at the house... dinner with ATL friends!
Saturday - 8:00 am - movers arrive - load the truck... 3:00 pm (hopefully) - begin the 12+ hour journey from Atlanta to Dallas in a HUGE truck.
Sunday - late morning/early afternoon - arrive in Dallas... unload truck... in 105 degree heat!!!

This should be quite the adventure! Good thing B and I like road trips and have done many of them... and we will have loads and loads of good talking time, since there won't be XM radio in the truck! Haha! Wish me luck!

We are so excited to finally be "finished" with our ATL home for at least a year. We can revisit the whole idea to sell the house again next summer and hopefully have better results. But as for now, we are so glad to finally be able to get settled in Dallas! We have already started looking at houses here and I have my eyes set one in particular :)

I'll keep yall updated on how the final move goes! At least I get to drive half way across the country with my best friend! Wouldn't want it any other way!!


mholman said...

Congrats and safe travel --

Fat Daddy

Life with the Kadanes said...

Congrats!! We have rented both of our homes before this one and have had great experences the last 4 years with both houses!! Good luck with the move!

Robin said...

Congrats Heather! Travis and I just did the same thing...we are moving to Nashville in August for Travis to get his MBA at Vanderbilt. We weren't able to sell our condo, so we found a great couple to rent it to for 14 months! I know the relief of having some sort of cash flow on a property!

Hope you guys are doing great in Dallas, hopefully we can see you next time we are in town. Let us know if you're ever coming to Nashvegas!


She McCord said...

YEA! Such great news!

Leslie Kvasnicka said...

Justin really wants me to tell you and Blake that there is a house for rent down the street from us and he wants yall to rent it if your other house falls through...I mean I think it would be awesome, but everytime we drive by...he asks me if I've told you yet...