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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

WOW! We have a seriously busy December... as do most of you...but just thought I would share our schedule :)

1- Decorate for Christmas
3- Birthday Dinner for Tara @ Fernando's
4- Armstrong Christmas Party (6:30)/Gittemeier Christmas Party (8:00)/Melissa's Bday
5- Stratton Baby Shower/ Galderma Company Holiday Party
7- Christmas shopping
8- Baylor Women's Council Holiday Party
9 - Girls Dinner/Noelle's Bday Dinner @ La Duni
10- Business dinner @ Fearing's
11- Christmas date night with hubby
12- Burdett Tacky Christmas Party
13- White Rock Half Marathon
16- Girls Night Out to Patrizio's AND The Rockettes - SO EXCITED!
17- Business dinner @ 560
18- Jen and Amy's Graduation Dinner
19- Jen and Amy's Graduation/Tami's Christmas Party and Ornament Exchange
20 - Christmas in Henrietta with Blake's family
23-25 - Christmas at the lakehouse with the Parkers
25-27 - Christmas in Waco with the Holmans
31 - New Years Eve Party at our House!

WOW - I'm exhausted just looking at that....but it was good to write it out and see it on paper. These are ALL super fun things and I am so excited for this time of year! I love being busy and am so thankful to have so many friends and events to attend. Hope you all are having a fabulous first day of December.

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Life with the Kadanes said...

Wow- that makes me tired! You guys are BUSY!! Your wine trip looked like SO much fun!!

Paige said...

Oh yeah, i needed a Holman Fix! You look SO busy....:)