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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tennis, anyone?

A couple of years ago for Christmas, Blake and I asked for tennis rackets and every spring, summer and fall since then we try to get in as many matches as possible.  Now, let me just clarify...neither one of us are the next Rafeal Nadal, but we have definitely progressed throughout the years.  We always have a lot of fun, and the season score is usually about even.  

Before we played last night, my sweet hubby had a surprise for me...a new tennis outfit.  Although I do believe it helped my skills, he still had a come from behind victory and beat me.  Loser buys dinner...I forgot my wallet, therefore, winner bought dinner!  Thanks for my fun new tennis outfit, baby!

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Abby said...

A girl named Kelly did my blog. Her link is on the right hand side of my says I heart Fabulous K. You just email her and she creates it!! She does such a good job!!!! Hope that things are going great for you guys.